If you are fatigued by the constant plugging and unplugging of your Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair, might you consider the Brookstone Massage Chair with wireless capabilities? It is an innovation in the realm of massage chairs, providing the ultimate experience of relaxation. The feature of wireless connectivity in the Brookstone Massage Chair presents an opportunity for you to repose regardless of your location and without limitation by an outlet. The design is elegant and customizable so that you will have an optimal massage experience at all times.

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    Experience Total Relaxation Anywhere

    The Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair Black is fashioned for the ultimate relaxation experience with wireless technology that offers convenience and portability beyond measure. It comprises an array of modes and intensities that afford you the chance to create a personalized massage experience that will soothe and relieve. The wireless feature guarantees that you can relax from anywhere in your home or office without being bound by wires. The zero-gravity reclining hair, another intriguing feature, is ideal to attain complete relaxation and a sensation of weightlessness. This attribute places your body in a neutral position, causing a reduction in spinal compression and enhanced blood flow. Consequently, increased blood circulation releases endorphins inducing calmness and alleviating pain.

    The Brookstone Massage Chair embodies five different massage modes: vibration, kneading, shiatsu, rolling, and tapping. Each mode caters to varying user preferences to provide maximum satisfaction. Beyond the five pre-set modes, you can customize your massage settings by picking the intensity level, heat therapy type, or focus area. The heat therapy feature in the Brookstone Massage Chair penetrates muscle layers to provide additional comfort and encourage effective relaxation.

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    The Benefits of Wireless Technology

    Wireless technology has made using massage chairs more convenient than ever before. It eliminates wires to enhance the décor of the room and, additionally, offers more portability and flexibility. Further, it reduces tripping hazards and electrical accidents due to the absence of wires around the massage chair. You can move the chair from one place to another effortlessly without the need to worry about the cables that shift with it.

    The modernization of wireless technology has considerably improved, and modern wireless devices provide almost seamless, lag-free performance. With the Brookstone Massage Chair, you will not have to worry about the latency or connectivity issues commonly experienced with other machines. Instead, you can concentrate on succumbing to the relaxing massage experience stress-free.

    Features and Benefits of the Brookstone Massage Chair

    The Brookstone Massage Chair is well-equipped with the latest technology to help you de-stress, unwind, and relax. It caters to your personalized massage requirements with the following advanced technological features:

    • Wireless capabilities: The wireless technology employed in the Brookstone Massage Chair offers you the freedom to relax anywhere in your home or office without the need for a tether to an outlet.
    • Multiple massage modes and intensities: The Brookstone Massage Chair offers users the opportunity to select from various massage modes and intensities, creating a personalized massage experience.
    • Customizable settings: The settings of this chair’s massage session, including intensity level, vibration, and shiatsu massage mode, can be tailored to your comfort level and preference to provide a more satisfying experience.
    • Zero-gravity recline: The zero-gravity recline feature provides an optimal weightless sensation as you unwind and de-stress.
    • Built-in heat therapy: The heat therapy feature is penetrated deep into your muscles to provide relief from muscle pain and an additional sense of comfort.

    The Brookstone Massage Chair design caters to all your massage needs and requirements, ensuring personalized comfort and providing the ultimate massage experience whenever required.


    Conclusively, the Favor-03 ADV Massage Chair  with its advanced features, such as wireless technology, customizable settings, zero-gravity reclining options and heat-therapy feature, is scientifically designed to help you achieve complete relaxation and de-stress efficiently. Purchase your Brookstone Massage Chair with wireless capabilities today and experience the best massage daily from any location with no restrictions!